Aberdeen Healing Event, September 10th & 11th 2016

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Lucy Walker writes:
There is a special kind of excitement, a frissance, of coming together from all parts of the country to spend the weekend helping at a Healing Event. How will it go? What will the Lord be doing? What shall I be asked to do? And who will I meet? The feelings I had before the Aberdeen Healing Event were just as these and the Lord met and used all in different yet extravagant ways.

How will it go? It went with love and joy, fully supported by the Lord.

What will the Lord be doing? The testimonies received showed all of us the wonderful fruits of the weekend, for example one person said:

“I simply have no words to describe the feeling of joy and happiness I felt after experiencing the prayer which completely rid me of anxiety and pain. The team led me through each stage in a Spirit filled manner, they were kind, considerate and sensitive. They helped me discover the love of God once again. Now I can truly praise and thank God.”

Another said: “It is by sheer providence that I was able to be a part of this weekend in Aberdeen. The Lord has revealed things to me and renewed my faith and offered me healing of anxiety. I now have the freedom to claim and trust and rejoice in this new journey, this new heart, this new life. All glory and honour and praise to you Lord!”

Another said:”I experienced Jesus when some of the ministers laid their hands on me and prayed for me. I felt that my hatred and anger towards certain persons is slowly taken away from me. I feel calm now and feel Jesus is with me. Thank you Jesus for bringing me here.”

Others said:
“It was a wonderful experience, I felt the Holy Spirit very close to me. Praise the Lord.”
“A very moving and touching and meaningful experience.”
“A mission of hope and fulfilment, very glad you came to Aberdeen”.

What shall I be asked to do? A variety of things!

Who will I meet? Old and new friends with whom it was lovely to share the extravagant love of the Lord!
Alleluia for Aberdeen and all the people and work that made it possible!


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