Guildford Healing Event 12-14 July 2013

The Healing Event held at Rydes Hill Prep School started on the evening of Friday 12th for Father Laurence Brassill OSA, Mrs Pauline Edwards and Trained Helpers with supper, followed by a session of prayer and praise. The organiser, Adrienne, outlined security details and the responsibilities and guidelines we were to follow. We were reunited with friends and met those new to us. With a great deal to organise, I was very impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm. At around 10pm we left for our accommodation, being due back the following morning for an 8am start.

Saturday began with Holy Mass at 8.30 am, another quick talk outlining tasks expected of us over the weekend. These included helping in the main hall, praying with people for healing of the memories, giving personal testimonies, ensuring registration and welcoming people as they arrived. 182 people attended on Saturday alone despite the heat and temperatures reaching 33 degrees.

The Music Ministry was wonderful with everyone joining in the praise and worship. As voices lifted up to our Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit had already started working in us. We were assigned by Liz for prayer ministry with those wanting Healing of Memories. Her discernment in matching people with Prayer Ministers was very touching.

Gary’s fund raising talk regarding the need to raise the £3,000,000 towards the purchase of an International Retreat Centre had a great impact on people. Donations were made throughout the weekend. Everything is possible with God if we also do our part.
We could not pray with everyone for Healing of Memories, but healing in the hall was prominent as Fr. Laurence, Pauline and helpers prayed over people. Many received healings and blessings from Jesus and rested in the Spirit. It was wonderful to see how active the Holy Spirit was and how many people were unburdened and released from many problems and sufferings. The afternoon was kept busy as Father Laurence and Pauline laid hands on those who wanted Baptism in the Holy Spirit. When Pauline had words of knowledge and said “the Lord is now healing necks and shoulders”, I was standing outside in the passageway and wondered if my right shoulder would be more moveable. As I tried, I found I could move my arm up, which I could not do before due to two car crashes many years before. Praise the Lord.

The day ended well with us all meeting in the dining room for the delicious feast of many dishes prepared for us by the local parishioners. I was really touched by this kindness to all of us from the people of Guildford.
Sunday started again with Mass at 8.30 am, followed by a coffee break, during which many of Saturday’s attendees returned early before the 10 am start. It was apparent that once again the Holy Spirit had drawn many people from far and wide, Abu Dhabi, Ireland, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe, Manchester to name but a few, with overall 145 people attending on Sunday alone. Once again Liz ensured that the long list of those seeking prayer were assigned to prayer ministers and allocated the right rooms.
I felt so privileged to be able to stand up and give witness in my testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit that afternoon. People affirmed afterwards how it had touched and helped them. I hadn’t known what I was going to say but was guided in it and could not have done that on my own. Importantly, giving your testimony not only encourages others to come for healing, but as it is being spoken, Jesus often heals others suffering the same affliction as the speaker. All the testimonies that day were a great blessing to those of us present and in building up the Church. Praise God.

Many thanks to Adrienne, Georgina, Fr. Laurence OSA, Pauline Edwards, the Music Ministry Team, Nicky Jones and all Helpers. The event gave spectacular witness to the power of the Holy Spirit and the dedication of all those who attended.


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